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Majesty & Radiance

Publisher’s Note: This post begins a bit intellectually, but the story at the end emerges from a very sweet conversation I had on the suicide hot line. Funny, how the cost of a ball can lead me to thoughts of … Continue reading

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What They Mean to the World

Two years ago on new year’s day, I was getting ready in my room when my friend texted me and told me that one of my friends, who I hadn’t seen or talked to for a while, even though I felt that … Continue reading

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Does Love Ever Die?

By James A. Autry Publisher’s Note: It is a blessing to know Jim Autry, having spent time with him a number of years ago recording a beautiful interview. Jim has written extensively; articles, books and poetry. He has given permission … Continue reading

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My Thoughts

Publisher’s Note: I have the good fortune to know Blythe Miller. She has given courageously and generously of herself in hopes of preventing more tragic losses to suicide. For anyone who might think that loved ones “get over” a suicide, … Continue reading

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The Lampshade

Sometimes we can learn life’s most precious lessons from our furry friends.  Cazzie, our Yellow Lab (who is now long gone, but the memory remains strong) was just a pup of about 8 months.  She developed a Hot Spot on … Continue reading

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Beauty So Very Difficult to See

I wrote this December 31, 2011 He sat alone, with his head buried in his hands. One of the other adults on the Snowball weekend turned to me and suggested he didn’t look good. I offered to speak with him. … Continue reading

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