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In the space below, we invite you to share your true story of reemergence, resilience and resurrection; a story that gives hope to those who might dwell within it. As in “The Dream,” describe a time in which some vile stain may have washed across the landscape of your life, and how, often inexplicably, unimaginably beautiful colors emerged at the edges. How love, care, generosity and wisdom may have flowed from the sorrow, pain and grief. These do not have to be stories of unimaginable pain. Like fractals in physics, challenges, and the wisdom and gifts that flow from them, arrive in infinite varieties. If you would like a roadmap, begin with what happened and how it made you feel. Then describe the seeds you first began to water and how they led to your eventual resurrection and renewal.

There are a few things we want you to know as you prepare your submission:

  1. This site is intended for stories of real life that leave readers hopeful, inspired and ready to face the challenges they face. If your story does not, perhaps you might wait until you can find the wisdom in your experience and then return to tell your story.
  2. By submitting your work, you assure us it is true, you have the rights to the work; it is not the work of another, and that anyone referenced in the story—even without names—has given you permission to include them.
  3. We have no desire to own your work. You will maintain all the rights to which you are entitled. These need not be original works for this site, but they must be yours.
  4. We ask that you limit your essay to 800 words or less. This ensures you have struggled to allow only the most important words to enter the world through these pages. This can be very difficult, but the writing is often improved by the effort. If you feel you cannot keep to this limit, contact us directly with your ideas.

All stories will be read before they are published on We reserve the right to leave aside any story we feel does not align with the goals of this site. At times, there may be many stories to review; please be patient.

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