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Hindsight At The Beginning

In the first weeks after becoming a young widow, with three young sons, I had many mornings, days and nights that I pondered how I was to make it alone. How in the world could I support these kids? How … Continue reading

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Majesty & Radiance

Publisher’s Note: This post begins a bit intellectually, but the story at the end emerges from a very sweet conversation I had on the suicide hot line. Funny, how the cost of a ball can lead me to thoughts of … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Define Me

I was always happy with the way things were in my life. I was really close with my family, I had a handful of good friends, I did well in school, I had a strong faith, I was very involved … Continue reading

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What They Mean to the World

Two years ago on new year’s day, I was getting ready in my room when my friend texted me and told me that one of my friends, who I hadn’t seen or talked to for a while, even though I felt that … Continue reading

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Broken Windows

Sociologist have discovered when something looks clean and taken care of then people will leave it alone.  But if it looks neglected and ignored, then people will take advantage of it. I lost my father when I was in fifth … Continue reading

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I Wish I Could Help More

Publisher’s Note: The Author of this beautiful piece lost his son to suicide just over two years ago. I am inspired by he and his wife. They are healing, albeit slowly. They remain strong…they are supportive of one another…and they … Continue reading

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Life is Like a Big River

Publisher’s Note: Below is an amazing story of survival, hope and strength. It comes from a student I taught in the late 1970s. It shows how lives that are very difficult can turn out beautiful…and points to the importance of seeking … Continue reading

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My Thoughts

Publisher’s Note: I have the good fortune to know Blythe Miller. She has given courageously and generously of herself in hopes of preventing more tragic losses to suicide. For anyone who might think that loved ones “get over” a suicide, … Continue reading

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Hope Comes in the Morning

There are times in our lives that never seem to end. The world is darkness. Cries to God bounce back unanswered. There is no light at the end of the tunnel, and no hint of a way out. We have … Continue reading

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“But Roger,” she said with tears in her eyes, “it feels like I am throwing him away. I can’t throw him away.” In the months following my father’s death, my mother, God bless her, spent many hours cleaning out the … Continue reading

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