Welcome to The-Dream.us. Now that something has drawn you here, we hope you find these pages life-affirming, and will choose to stroll through them open-heartedly and thoughtfully, refer the stories to friends and decide to return often. Please consider leaving a story of your own survival and resurrection.

The site is intended to give visitors a place of refuge; a way-station in life where you can find hope, consolation and solace. While we often wish suffering was optional as we move through life, we know it is not; the challenges of life are often our greatest teachers. By moving through suffering with awareness, and the companionship and support of others, we are often gifted with abundant wisdom about the human journey. One of the most profound of human paradoxes is this:  if we choose life, on the other side of pain and anguish is resurrection, emergence and new life. It is the story of Homer’s Iliad, the heroes’ journey as told through the eyes of Joseph Campbell, and even the lesson of the Phoenix’s rise from the ashes.

You are invited to spend time with others who have traveled long, treacherous paths—journeys that are uniquely theirs, but ones that open windows into the difficult lives of everyman. And while many are stories of pain and heartache…stories of loss and grief…stories of self-questioning…what makes them life-affirming is their messages of survival, emergence, wisdom and strength. By spending time with those who have generously shared their stories, you might better appreciate the ebb and flow of life.

If you are suffering, please know you are not alone. Many of those who have shared their stories welcome your reflections, thoughts and questions. In addition, we have listed a few valuable resources for you in a time of need.

So welcome. Please stroll the garden of wisdom that flourishes on these pages…stay as long as you like…and return often.